Stamped and Coined Parts, Ordnance Detonators, and Pyrotechnic Devices
  • General Electrical and Electronic Products Requiring High Reliability, Strength and Positive Hermetic Sealing.

Stamped & Coined Parts
Ordnance Detonators & Pyrotechnic Devices
In addition to the conventional round and rectangular headers, Astro Seal provides a large selection of glass and ceramic sealed components for special applications. Glass allows precision terminal alignment for efficient ball bonding by state-of-the-art assembly equipment, and provides survivability in high vibration environments. Available with or without wire harness. Characterized by consistent high quality and reliability, Astro Seal's pyrotechnic components include header assemblies for detonators, flush and raised bridge wire, squibs, gas generators, and ignitors. Technology in high quality glass and ceramic to metal seals originated in this very demanding field, and our continuing familiarity with the needs of ordnance manufacturers assures successful fulfillment of their requirements. All materials and processes are certified to applicable Military Specifications.

Astro Seal products are not qualified to the subject military specification. Astro Seal has not been certified under or is being monitored by DSCC or the military specification referenced which contains QPL/QML requirements.

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Stamped & Coined Parts and Ordnance Detonators & Pyrotechnic Devices
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