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Service:To give your order special attention.
Quality:Statistical inspection of all processes and end items. Quality Control system meets MIL-I-45208A. Astro Seal is approved to AS90003, Rev. 2001-10 .
Capability:If it can be done, Astro Seal will do it for you.
General Specifications
Temperature Range:-320oF to 1500oF
Insulation Resistance:1,000,000 megohms @ 500VDC
Vacuum Integrity:1 x 10-9 cc/sec.
Pressure:One atmosphere to 50,000 psi.
Pins:Cold rolled steel, 52 alloy, 42 alloy, 300 series stainless steel, kovar, inconel, permalloy, and other custom combinations as required
Bodies:Cold rolled steel, 300 series stainless steel, titanium, kovar, inconel, permalloy, and others.
  • Astro Seal is a leader in glass and ceramic to metal seals (hermetic) of all types. We provide the following:

for Military Applications to Aircraft and Transducers

Multipin Headers
for relays, coils, and capacitors

for Heart Pacers to Analyzing Devices

Thermal Battery Headers
made from Carbon Steel to Titanium

Single Terminal Feed-throughs
from Transformers to Power Supplies

Stamped and Coined Parts, Ordnance Detonators, and Pyrotechnics

Glass and Ceramic Preforms and Silkscreening

Custom Machining
on Tornos-Bechler machines and precision drilling on Socick EDM machines

Machine Shop
utilizing our in-house state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing capabilties

Cleaning & Furnace

Glass to Metal Seal Manufacturing 
| Multipin Headers | Medical | Thermal Battery Headers | Single Terminal Feed-throughs
Stamped & Coined Parts and Ordnance Detonators & Pyrotechnic Devices

Glass Preforms | Custom Machining

Machine Shop | Cleaning & Furnace | Mil Specs
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Astro Seal products are not qualified to the subject military specification. Astro Seal has not been certified under or is being monitored by DSCC or the military specification referenced which contains QPL/QML requirements.

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