• Heart Pacers
  • Cochlear Implants (Multichannel)
  • Cardiac & Respiratory Monitors
  • Exploratory Probes
  • Remote Analyzing Devices

Materials used are completely biocompatible with the severe environment of the living body. Astro Seal specializes in glass and ceramic to metal hermetic packages for electronic devices. We work closely with our customers to establish requirements for miniaturization and fit. A custom package, usually consisting of a hermetic glass-sealed multi-lead base and closure lid, is supplied ready for the installation of electronics. Once the electronics have been installed, the container is laser welded shut for a positive, permanent seal.

Astro Seal products are not qualified to the subject military specification. Astro Seal has not been certified under or is being monitored by DSCC or the military specification referenced which contains QPL/QML requirements.

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