Glass and Ceramic Preform
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Complete in house glass and ceramic preform manufacturing for single or multi-hole. Sizes range from .028 O.D. / .005 I.D. to 1.300 O.D./I.D. depending on sizes. Using 9010, 9013, 7052 and other proprietary blends such as Astro Therm, a Silco - Ceramic composition that is used in nuclear hermetic assemblies. These assemblies provide resistance to nuclear radiation up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit operating temperatures. They also have excellent electrical insulating characteristics. Astro Seal maintains total control of all tooling, thus assuring the highest quality in the finished beads. We welcome the opportunity to provide consultation on your special needs.

Astro Seal products are not qualified to the subject military specification. Astro Seal has not been certified under or is being monitored by DSCC or the military specification referenced which contains QPL/QML requirements.

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